About Us

Towelsoft Towels and Bathrobes are exceptionally thick and fluffy because we make them for some of the UK’s most exclusive five-star Luxury Hotels and Spas. We are experts in the Bathrobe business and what we don’t know about towelling bathrobes simply isn’t worth knowing!

 All our bathrobes are made at our factories in Turkey with the highest quality production practices and the softest cotton yarn and state of the art techniques for creating colourfast towels and robes. Our Bathrobes and Towels are designed to washed time and time again and still retain their thick and fluffy feel. You can relax in the knowledge that we have hand selected a wide range of bathrobes in thickness and style from the ultimate in supreme luxury bathrobes to everyday quality bathrobes at superb value prices.

We are also unique in being one of the very few companies to provide bathrobes in 4XL because we believe that ‘big is beautiful’ and we want you to feel truly cherished and comfortable in your bathrobe.

Cleaner seas Pledge

We have removed the individual plastic wrapping from every pair of spa and hotel slippers that we supply. This equates to 34 tonnes of plastic saved in 2019. Each pair of slippers will be simply packed one inside the other, end to end. We have also removed the individual plastic bags from the towels we supply. This equates to an additional 16 tonnes making a total of 50 tonnes of plastic that is no longer required.

Eco-Friendly Production

Towelsoft is aware of its responsibilities for the environment. Our main factory in Turkey is similarly aligned with a comprehensive program investing in environmental friendly technologies all aimed at reducing harm to the environment.

For more information, please visit our Eco-Friendly Production page.

Best Wishes, Barbara Cooke. CEO & Founder of Towelsoft