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This is a product recall notice for all Towelsoft Teddy Bears : Teddy Bear Brown with Sewn Eyes: Teddy Bear White with Sewn Eyes: Teddy Bear Brown with Glass Eyes: We are requesting a recall of all ranges of Teddy with Bathrobe purchased from BC SoftWear and Towelsoft. If you have purchased a Teddy Bear with a Bathrobe as a turn down item or to offer with a promotion please return this item immediately. Nature of the recall: We have been made aware that in a recent check that the belt on... Read More


Towelsoft look after your VIP Mini House Guests too

Towelsoft are also the go to company for well made, long lasting children’s bathrobes in a towelling or fleece fabric. We use a special type of fleece that is much thicker and fluffier than most standard fleece bathrobes, that’s because we use the same fleece used for our adult bathrobes made for really top class hotel guests. We can embroider the bathrobes with a nickname or a small-embroidered motif from just £4.00. Children’s Fleecy and Towelling bathrobes are available in sizes ages 2 -3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9  and 10-11yrs. Super... Read More


The House Party Bathrobe – size is everything!

Towelsoft one of the UK’s leading designers and suppliers of XXL, XXXL and XXXXL bathrobes in the UK. Towelsoft are quite unique in supplying super-sized bathrobes for larger people and Christmas is the perfect time to be thinking about ensuring that your house guests feel really at home. Towelsoft are experts in bathrobes and as their sister company (BC Softwear) supplies many of the leading hotels and spas around the UK, they know all there is to know about the importance of a great bathrobe. MD Barbara Cooke says ‘your... Read More


Win a Personalised Fleecy Bathrobe with!

Would you like a chance to win one of our soft and fluffy personalised Fleecy bathrobes? Towelsoft have teamed up with Oh Polly for a fantastic St. Patrick’s day Facebook Live give-away this Friday 17th March! To be in a chance of winning go to their Facebook page at and give them a like and make sure to turn notifications to to be notified when the live stream is up! Good Luck!


All About Towelsoft Embroidery

The embroidery department at Towelsoft work very hard to make sure your orders meet our high quality standards, ensuring the highest quality is met throughout the embroidery procedure. The thread we use for all of our embroidery is Madeira Polyneon. This thread is designed especially for industrial textiles, to be washed extremely frequently, and is also used for embroidery on our 5 star Hotel and Spa customers orders. These embroidery threads withstand vigorous laundering and look fantastic wash after wash which is why our customers come back time after time.... Read More


Caring for Your Brand New Towelsoft Towels

Caring for your brand new Towelsoft towels or bathrobes to ensure longevity, starts from the day you receive them. In this article we will go through the steps to ensure your towels and bathrobes stay fluffy and soft wash after wash. The first step we always recommend is to wash your towels and robes before use. This is to get rid of any excess lint from the towels, and to increase the absorbency of your towels and robes. Super thick towels like the Vibrancy range and the Sumptuous range may... Read More

towel bale 24/03/2015

How to keep your towels feeling and looking like new for longer – warm, soft, and fluffy.

Have you noticed how luxuriously soft, fluffy and warm new bath towels are when you first use them? But how quickly they can seem to loose that all inviting ‘newness’. And when you think about it, it’s not surprising – towels and bathrobes can have a bit of a hard life. Their fluffy pile is battered and bruised by our bodies; they are stuffed in a washing machine – often overcrowded – immersed in detergent and hot water, flung around at ‘G’ force speed, and spun dry at high temperature.... Read More

towel bale 18/03/2015

Springtime 2015: It’s getting brighter, lighter and more colourful!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to change the décor in your bathroom unless of course you fancy a feature tile floor, free standing bath complete with gold plated taps, or something of the like. You can give your bathroom a facelift quite easily and quickly, and at a fraction of the cost; on trend, and without the need for extensive do-it-yourself skills or fully laden tool box. Natural beauty is the ‘look’ in 2015.  For example, introduce wood and stone elements to your bathroom design; even a stone... Read More

baby in towelling robe 05/03/2015

Baby Bath time – The Perfect Time To Bond With Baby

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion. For parents to be, the nine month waiting period can seem an age, a rollercoaster ride of planning, preparation, and even trepidation which is perfectly normal. For new parents, these emotions become compounded as the big day draws close, and that’s understandable; there is so much to do before baby arrives. Baby bath time is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for new mums and dads but it doesn’t need to be so. Bath time is an experience that... Read More