Laura Johnson

towel bale 24/03/2015

How to keep your towels feeling and looking like new for longer – warm, soft, and fluffy.

Have you noticed how luxuriously soft, fluffy and warm new bath towels are when you first use them? But how quickly they can seem to loose that all inviting ‘newness’. And when you think about it, it’s not surprising – towels and bathrobes can have a bit of a hard life. Their fluffy pile is battered and bruised by our bodies; they are stuffed in a washing machine – often overcrowded – immersed in detergent and hot water, flung around at ‘G’ force speed, and spun dry at high temperature.... Read More

towel bale 18/03/2015

Springtime 2015: It’s getting brighter, lighter and more colourful!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to change the décor in your bathroom unless of course you fancy a feature tile floor, free standing bath complete with gold plated taps, or something of the like. You can give your bathroom a facelift quite easily and quickly, and at a fraction of the cost; on trend, and without the need for extensive do-it-yourself skills or fully laden tool box. Natural beauty is the ‘look’ in 2015.  For example, introduce wood and stone elements to your bathroom design; even a stone... Read More

baby in towelling robe 05/03/2015

Baby Bath time – The Perfect Time To Bond With Baby

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion. For parents to be, the nine month waiting period can seem an age, a rollercoaster ride of planning, preparation, and even trepidation which is perfectly normal. For new parents, these emotions become compounded as the big day draws close, and that’s understandable; there is so much to do before baby arrives. Baby bath time is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for new mums and dads but it doesn’t need to be so. Bath time is an experience that... Read More



Towelsoft have a big sister company that supply many of the UK’s most prestigious spas and hotels around the UK. In celebration of the coming spring we thought you would like to see how lovely our bathrobes really are, by visiting one of the spas that we supply – so we have created an offer with our friends at Champneys. Imagine what you can achieve in just one day. The spring is a gentle reminder to start getting yourself ready for the year ahead and what better way to do... Read More

somebody asleep 28/01/2015

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep has a huge bearing on many areas of your life, none more so than your well being. Sufficient sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle; it can benefit your weight, mind, heart and appearance. However, many of us are not getting enough. According to the Sleep Council, the average Brit gets just six-and-a-half hours sleep per night – although the recommended amount is a more restful eight hours. Sleep deprivation will mean that you’re not performing at your best, you’re not feeling your best... Read More

hen weekend 14/01/2015

Planning The Perfect Hen Weekend

One task that usually falls to the maid of honour or chief bridesmaid is the planning of a hen weekend. As an opportunity to bond, swap anecdotes and generally give the bride a good send-off, these (usually) all-female gatherings are a popular pre-nuptial celebration. Choose an activity and location The first tip for the hen party planner is to be highly organised. Selecting a venue and activities can at first appear straightforward – after all, you’ve known the bride for years and know exactly what she likes – right? The... Read More


Bubble Bath Day

With the excitement of Christmas over, and New Year celebrations fading into memory, everyone is feeling a bit down as they await the first signs of spring. Do not despair, there is something the whole family can enjoy coming along very soon. Yes, Towelsoft is pleased to announce it is Bubble Bath Day on January the 8th. At Towelsoft, we know that modern life can be hectic with all that rushing around. It is important to relax and taking a bubble bath is a great way to unwind. To relax... Read More

flip 18/09/2014

Happy Hens with Flip Flops

If you are planning a wedding later in the year, then you might be interested to hear that Towelsoft have just launched some HEN PARTY FLIP FLOPS. These bright fushia pink flip flops have white thongs and are preprinted with the words HEN PARTY in white text.  They make a fun and good value gift to treat your hens to at your hen party or as a fun momento of the day. The Hen Party Flips Flops are a super mini gifts at  just £4.95 Why not create a pamper... Read More

Baby Towels 27/08/2014

Baby Towelling

Towelsoft introduce an entirely new collection of Baby Towelling. This range is created with supremely soft and premium quality 100% pure Egyptian cotton. The fibre is designed to maintain its fluffy quality and maintain its soft and gentle feel, wash after wash. Each of the baby products has been made with an endearing light brown teddy bear who paw prints are used to add attractive detail to many items in the range. The towelling has been edged in a matching brown gingham check which makes the range ideal for both... Read More