Baby Bath time – The Perfect Time To Bond With Baby

The arrival of a new baby is a joyous occasion. For parents to be, the nine month waiting period can seem an age, a rollercoaster ride of planning, preparation, and even trepidation which is perfectly normal. For new parents, these emotions become compounded as the big day draws close, and that’s understandable; there is so much to do before baby arrives.

Baby bath time is perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for new mums and dads but it doesn’t need to be so. Bath time is an experience that baby quickly comes to enjoy when carried out in a fun, safe way. And here are a few simple ways to make bath time a time of play and bonding.

  • Certainly in the early months, make bath time special; a ‘you and baby’ experience without disruption or distractions.
  • Babies don’t need to be bathed everyday but do check with your midwife or health visitor. Your newborn may require just two to three proper baths each week, increasing the frequency as baby gets older.
  • Try to bathe your baby before a feed, but not on feeding time; no amount of tickles, nursery rhymes or rubber bath toys will divert a baby’s attention from hunger. Bathing your baby too soon after feeding may result in discomfort and distress.
  • Babies lose heat from their bodies very quickly. Ensure the room where you bathe baby is warm before starting. 24°C / 75°F is about right.
  • Play is a great bath time activity. Playing with bubbles, singing silly songs and rhymes, or playing soothing background music, all can make bath time a favourite time for baby and can be a beneficial discovery experience.
  • Before bathing your baby it is important to check the water is warm, not hot. Test by dipping your wrist or elbow.
  • Wash their hair with plain water, supporting them over the bath.
  • Gently lower your baby into the bath supporting their head and shoulders.

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  • For the first month or two, don’t add any soap or cleansers to the bath water. Plain water is best for your newborn baby’s skin.
  • Keep your baby’s head clear of the water until they are relaxed and at ease, enjoying the experience.

The alternative to bathing your baby is to ‘top and tail’ which is a quick cleanse in a small baby bath or even the bathroom basin. Your baby is not fully laid out and it isn’t quite the same pleasurable experience but is quicker.

The months prior to your baby’s arrival is a time of preparation. There is equipment and products to purchase in readiness. Bath time is a big event for a new baby, and to make it pleasurable we’ve listed here a few items that will help towards this goal;

  • However you bath your new baby, equally important are the cleansing products you use. Babies have sensitive skin – use only dedicated baby soaps, oils and creams to avoid tears.
  • Keeping new babies warm is important before and after bathing. Splashing around in warm water is so much fun, but when playtime is finished, it can become chilly, very quickly. To avoid spoiling what was great fun; invest in a couple of premium quality extra absorbent hooded towels. Baby will love the generous size, ideal when drying wriggling little bodies.

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  • Use towelling baby mitts when bathing your baby. Made with super soft Egyptian cotton towelling that are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin. They are large enough to fit even dad’s big hands; perfect for when he’s getting involved in bath time,

baby mitts



  • Towel soft’s baby and toddler hooded bathrobes are another favourite with mums and dads and are made with the same exceptional quality and attention to detail as our adult bathrobes.

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