Caring for Your Brand New Towelsoft Towels

Caring for your brand new Towelsoft towels or bathrobes to ensure longevity, starts from the day you receive them. In this article we will go through the steps to ensure your towels and bathrobes stay fluffy and soft wash after wash.

The first step we always recommend is to wash your towels and robes before use. This is to get rid of any excess lint from the towels, and to increase the absorbency of your towels and robes. Super thick towels like the Vibrancy range and the Sumptuous range may need to be washed a few times before they are ready for use. As well as removing the excess lint and increasing absorbency, washing before use will also fluff your towels up!

Washing your towels on the right settings and temperatures are vital, especially with any coloured towels. Washing correctly will keep your colours looking as vibrant as they were the day you received them. All coloured towels and robes should be washed at 40°c (60°c maximum) and any white towels can be washed up to 90°c if required.

Tumbling all of our towelling products is recommended to help fluff them up after wash. This also helps to keep them soft, however we do recommend that they are not over dried as over drying can cause damage.

The Fleecy blankets need their own special care. As the fleecy blanket is made of 100% polyester, it can’t withstand the same washing routine as our 100% cotton towels and bathrobes. The Fleecy Blanket range needs to be washed at 30°c maximum. Our Fleecy blankets can not be tumble dried at all.

The Fleecy Bathrobes are very similar to our fleecy blankets, where they need to be cared for differently. Fleecy bathrobes need to be washed at 40°c, but can be tumbled on a very low heat.


All of our orders are dispatched with a washing instruction card where you can find all the information from this article. If you have any other questions about our products or washing instructions then please contact us on 01628 642 941 or email us on



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