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Win a Personalised Fleecy Bathrobe with!

Would you like a chance to win one of our soft and fluffy personalised Fleecy bathrobes? Towelsoft have teamed up with Oh Polly for a fantastic St. Patrick’s day Facebook Live give-away this Friday 17th March! To be in a chance of winning go to their Facebook page at and give them a like and make sure to turn notifications to to be notified when the live stream is up! Good Luck!


Caring for Your Brand New Towelsoft Towels

Caring for your brand new Towelsoft towels or bathrobes to ensure longevity, starts from the day you receive them. In this article we will go through the steps to ensure your towels and bathrobes stay fluffy and soft wash after wash. The first step we always recommend is to wash your towels and robes before use. This is to get rid of any excess lint from the towels, and to increase the absorbency of your towels and robes. Super thick towels like the Vibrancy range and the Sumptuous range may... Read More

towel bale 24/03/2015

How to keep your towels feeling and looking like new for longer – warm, soft, and fluffy.

Have you noticed how luxuriously soft, fluffy and warm new bath towels are when you first use them? But how quickly they can seem to loose that all inviting ‘newness’. And when you think about it, it’s not surprising – towels and bathrobes can have a bit of a hard life. Their fluffy pile is battered and bruised by our bodies; they are stuffed in a washing machine – often overcrowded – immersed in detergent and hot water, flung around at ‘G’ force speed, and spun dry at high temperature.... Read More


Bubble Bath Day

With the excitement of Christmas over, and New Year celebrations fading into memory, everyone is feeling a bit down as they await the first signs of spring. Do not despair, there is something the whole family can enjoy coming along very soon. Yes, Towelsoft is pleased to announce it is Bubble Bath Day on January the 8th. At Towelsoft, we know that modern life can be hectic with all that rushing around. It is important to relax and taking a bubble bath is a great way to unwind. To relax... Read More

Bear-in-Peru 25/08/2014

Towelsoft Teddy Visits Peru

You may have thought that Paddington was the only bear to come from Peru, but infact the Towelsoft Teddy has been on a little adventure. Toffee Teddy has been spotted recently enjoying a little rest and relaxation on his holidays in Peru. Toffee was seen sporting a rather fetching white mini fluffy bathrobe whilst enjoying the view at sundown. We caught up with Toffee Teddy to discover more about his adventures and where he had managed to acquire such a gorgeous bathrobe. The  miniature replica bathrobe was made especially for him... Read More