How to keep your towels feeling and looking like new for longer – warm, soft, and fluffy.

Have you noticed how luxuriously soft, fluffy and warm new bath towels are when you first use them? But how quickly they can seem to loose that all inviting ‘newness’.

And when you think about it, it’s not surprising – towels and bathrobes can have a bit of a hard life. Their fluffy pile is battered and bruised by our bodies; they are stuffed in a washing machine – often overcrowded – immersed in detergent and hot water, flung around at ‘G’ force speed, and spun dry at high temperature. It’s little wonder they soon become rough, less inviting, warm, and absorbent.

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One common way to speed up your towels or robes ageing process is to wash at too high a temperature, and by using the wrong cleaning agent. So, first things first, always make sure you read the manufacturers instructions on the packaging. It sounds simple, but is surprising how complacent we can become with routine. Equally, all quality towels and robes too will have care and washing instructions. Always check and follow recommendations and instructions.

  • Always wash new towels and robes before the first use, to remove surplus lint and dust, and help improve absorbency.
  • White cotton towels will generally be fine in the hot temperatures generally recommended, but coloured towels may fade over time if you use excessively hot water.
  • Towels must be rinsed thoroughly prior to drying, to remove soap or detergent from the fabric.
  • Never overfill your washing machine with the towels or robes. Give them space to move around. Not only are they cleaned better but you reduce friction and tangles between the items, which over time results in wear and loss of softness.
  • How you dry towels is important. If you dry your towels in a dryer, put a couple of tennis balls in with them. The balls circulate with the towels during the drying cycle and buffet the pile, loosening and massaging, helping them retain their naturally soft, fluffy touch. Towelsoft however would not recommend over drying towels as this can also reduce their lifespan and make them harder in the long term.

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The tips above are effective, but how long they continue to be effective depends largely on the quality of the towel or robe in the first instance. No amount of loving care or fabric softener will transform a cheap quality product into a premium quality luxury item.

Towelsoft bathrobes and towels are exceptionally thick and fluffy because we make them that way using only the softest cotton yarn and state of the art techniques for creating brilliant white or colourfast towels.

There simply is no better way to relax and unwind after a warm bath or invigorating shower than by wrapping yourself in super soft and fluffy100% Egyptian cotton towelling. Our spring 2015 collection includes a whole new range of beautifully soft, thick towels and bathrobes for all the family – browse our online store – our robes and towels are design to be washed time and time again and still retain their thick and fluffy feel.

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