Springtime 2015: It’s getting brighter, lighter and more colourful!

You don’t have to spend a fortune to change the décor in your bathroom unless of course you fancy a feature tile floor, free standing bath complete with gold plated taps, or something of the like. You can give your bathroom a facelift quite easily and quickly, and at a fraction of the cost; on trend, and without the need for extensive do-it-yourself skills or fully laden tool box.

Natural beauty is the ‘look’ in 2015.  For example, introduce wood and stone elements to your bathroom design; even a stone vase displaying fresh flowers brings a certain rustic charm to the environment. Imagine a row of hanging plant pots with living greenery cascading down a wall. These things are simple and inexpensive but very achievable; all you need is imagination.

We’ve listed below a few handy tips on how to achieve that up to date look without breaking the bank.

  • De-clutter If storage space is a problem, invest in a rustic wooden bowl for toiletries and a complimenting wicker basket for used clothes and towels.
  • Change any worn towels, face cloths and bath mats for fresh up-to-date hues and textures to contrast or coordinate for instant wow factor; colourful towels work especially well with neutral colours.

towel baleHow about personalising your children’s towels and bathrobes with their name on them. As well as looking smart, this can save on your laundry bills to as they won’t keep reaching for a new towel every time they step out of the bath!


  • Dimmer switches reduce harsh lighting and glare and are perfect for creating mood lighting,
  • Repaint – nothing enhances a room like a new paint job. Walls, ceiling, and woodwork all look and feel cleaner and fresher after a lick of new paint.
  • Ever thought about fitting a heated towel rail? Not only do they ensure lovely warm towels and bathrobes, they showcase your towelling ware perfectly.
  • Toiletries come in all shapes and sizes, and in a wide range of packaging – but all too often they can look a bit of a mish mash when displayed. Consider matching and complimentary storage jars and containers.
  • Fitting new bath and basin taps, toilet seat, door handles and light fittings all add beauty to a bathroom. Replace your shower curtain.
  • Fresh flowers, dried flowers, and plants that like plenty of moisture, will transform and brighten any bathroom.
  • Floating candles in a glass bowl add warmth and look stunning against a mirrored background.

Bath time is many things, to many people. To the very young it is a fun time, a time when young imaginations can play out a hundred and one games For others, however, bath time takes on a completely different meaning: a special bit of ‘you’ time, a short period when you can escape everybody and everything, a time to just relax – to luxuriate and pamper yourself.

Whether you prefer an invigorating shower or to soak in a sumptuous steaming bath, the experience is made all the better when you wrap yourself in a thick and fluffy towel or a snuggly  bathrobe.



There simply is no better way to relax and unwind after a warm bath or invigorating shower than by wrapping yourself in super soft and fluffy100% Egyptian cotton towelling – our spring 2015 collection includes a whole new range of beautifully soft, thick towels and bathrobes for all the family.


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